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As of March 2022, proof of vaccination and masks are no longer required.  We ask you remain diligent, if you don't feel 'right', please stay home for the safety of our community.**

Upon entry, please use the hand sanitiser at the front desk and during your stay at the numerous sanitisation stations throughout the space.  

EAST STUDIO will remain a mask-friendly environment and we encourage people to wear them when they feel comfortable.  Whether in the common areas or on your mat, you may remove your mask for your practice or keep it on...up to you and what you're comfortable with.  

If you have traveled outside of the province / country by train or plane, please stay home for a few days upon your return.

If you are feeling ill, please stay home. 
If you are awaiting PCR test results, please stay home.
If you've been in close contact with a positive case, please stay home.
Even if you think its 'just' a common cold, please stay home.

Let's keep everyone safe so we can keep practicing together!

Arrive early, especially if its your first class...
But sometimes life happens and you'll find yourself running late.  Don't stress about it!  The studio will be open for you to quietly join the class.  Please wait for an appropriate time as to not disturb the class flow.

The Zen Studio...
The main studio is a quiet room to breathe, move and relax before and after class.  Yet we also love to gather and socialise and meet new friends; so please use the front sitting area for quiet conversations while you wait for your class to begin and/or after class.

Plan to stay for the whole class...
Savasana is an important part of your practice and allows the body to reeive the full benefits of your class.  Should you have to leave early, let the instructor know and leave before Savasana starts.

No bags or cell phones in the studio...
Please leave all your possessions outside the studio in the cubies provided and ensure your cell phone is on silent. If you are wearing a watch or SmartWatch, please ensure they are on silent also.
Remove your shoes...
You'll find a bench and shoe storage at the front door.  Please remove your shoes before signing in at the front desk.

Tell your instructor of any conditions or injuries...
We can only provide a safe, effective and challenging experience for you IF you inform us of any conditions or injuries you may have.  Trust us.

Scent-free space...
No heavy perfumes, oils or colognes.

Bring your own towel, water bottle, and mat (if possible)...
The studio will provide a mat if needed, yet its best to bring your own.  A water bottle and towel are always great to have with you in class.

You can cancel your class online or through your Wellness Living Achieve app up to 1 hour before the start of class without penalty.  If you have not cancelled your class, you will receive an email the following day to advise you have been late cancelled.

If you have been Late Canceled, you will loose that class automatically from your class pass.  If you have a Monthly Pass, you will loose the ability to pre-register until you call the studio directly to have it re-instated.

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