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with Muse Movement

The Muse Movement Pilates Teacher Training Program does more than simply teach you a dated repertoire. They offer a deconstructed, post-modern look at Pilates that helps you become a critical movement thinker. They will teach you how to be a confident and sophisticated teacher who can read the narrative of a body. You will be able to create a movement experience that fits the various needs of differing bodies and lived experiences; in a group class or with a private client.

The Mat Pilates Teacher Training Certification will be delivered by Muse Movement faculty & facilitators.


STARTS: New Dates Coming Soon

INVESTMENT: $3,375 plus HST

PAYMENT PLAN (if approved): $1,000 to secure your spot; $500 every month starting February until paid.

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Develop a strong foundation in the psychology of yoga.  Learn three concise and easy to follow body maps, from which you will be able to build thoughtful, therapeutic and interesting classes.

  • Chakra Theory (psychology of Indian Yoga)

  • Meridian Theory (psychology of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

  • Myofascial Trains (the hardware that carries the mental and emotional vibrations through our physical make-up)

Who Would Benefit From this Course?
Massage therapists, psych
otherapists, chiropractors, reiki practitioners, life coaches, and yoga teachers are just some of the many healers that can apply the wisdom of Yin yoga to expand their understanding of the psychosomatic relationship.


Weekend One:

Friday March 22nd - Sunday March 24th; 9am - 5pm each day

Weekend Two:

Friday March 29th - Sunday March 31st; 9am - 5pm each day


Course Content:

  • What is Yin yoga?

  • History of Yin yoga

  • Yin and Yang Theory - Fundamental Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Organ Meridian Theory - Study the physical, mental and emotional qualities of the twelve main organ meridians

  • Chakra Theory - Explore the qualities and attributes of the seven main chakras

  • Analyze the nature of fascia and the location of the 12 myofascial lines. Compare how these trains correspond to both the meridian system in TCM and the Chakras system of traditional yoga

  • Learn the defining principles of Yin yoga to safely manipulate your fascial fabric


Yin Practical Practice:

  • Learn all 40 Yin postures, their variations and how to prop them

  • We practice yin yoga, meditation and pranayama at the end of each day to integrate all we have learned

  • Discover how to analyze posture and learn how posture relates to our mental and emotional states

  • Teach a one-to-one prescriptive yin session

INVESTMENT: $1,250 plus HST

*Payment options available*

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